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V-Screen Digital Video Monitor
Aputure V-Screen Intro Aputure V-Screen is one of the most important products in our Vivo Movie Solution line. It is an ultra-thin 7” TFT-LCD monitor featuring a crystal clear WVGA display, low power consumption, multiple aspect ratios, and more. It accepts HDMI, AV (Audio/Video1/Video2), and analog inputs from your DSLR or camcorder. V-Screen also includes a double power supply, universal hot shoe mount, and sunshade cover.


Main features

  • Supports various signal inputs (HDMI, YPbPr & AV)
  • Multiple shortcut options
  • Double power supply
  • Intelligent charging
  • 16:9, 4:3, and Full display ratios
  • Speaker and headset stereo output
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • Simple & elegant design
  • Slim & light body
  • Universal hot shoe mount with swiveling head
  • Sunshade cover to monitor in bright sunlight
  • Uses industry-standard 1/4” screw mount
  • Fits various combinations with Magic Hand
 V-Screen signal inputs

Supports various signal inputs including:

  • HDMI
  • YPbPr
  • AV (Audio/Video1/Video2)


Widely fits all devices with appropriate signal inputs, such as DSLRs, camcorders, etc.


 V-Screen shortcuts

V-Screen can apply different shortcuts to the directional pad. Shortcut options include:


  • Volume
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Check field
  • Aspect ratio
  • Zoom
  • Screen marker



Shortcuts functions can avoid repeated button pressing, save shooting time, and give an immediate viewing experience.


 V-Screen double power supply

Double power comes from the AC adapter and lithium batteries. Use the adapter with access to a power strip, and use the batteries when shooting outside. Lithium batteries are also commonly used with LED video lights.


And more, V-Screen can charge batteries intelligently while powered by adapter. So you don't always need to carry a battery charger.


 V-Screen display ratios

V-Screen uses 3 common display ratios:

  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • Full Display
Switch the display ratio according to your shooting ratio in order to avoid image distortion, making for a clearer shooting experience.
 V-Screen speakers and headphones

V-Screen can broadcast videos with a perfect MS stereo system. Not only can you monitor image quality, but you can also monitor the audio output, for a more professional sound quality.


 V-Screen Firmware updates via USB

V-Screen is different from other video monitors in the market. With firmware updates, you can improve its compatibility, performance and functions with a simple USB connection.

 V-Screen slim and light body

V-Screen is only 23mm thick (at least 5mm thinner than competitors). It is truly “ultra-thin”.

It has a simple & elegant design, and abundance of functions in just a few buttons. Easily master shooting videos with V-Screen.


 V-Screen universal mount

There is a universal hot shoe mount with swiveling head, so you can check the videos from any angle in a 360 degree radius.

 V-Screen sunshade cover

Provided is a sunshade cover to monitor in bright sunlight. It is made of suitable opaque material and keeps a nice shape, in order to block strong light so you can see the monitor clearly.


 V-Screen standard mount

V-Screen uses industry-standard  ¼”screw mount which supports various mountings such as Magic Rig, DSLRs, camcorders, etc. .


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