Company Profile 

Aputure is one of the leading photographic companies not only in China, but the entire world. We specialize in producing accessories for digital cameras, including triggers, flash guns, LED lights, remotes, battery grips, video rigs, and other studio lighting and photographic accessories.
Founded in 2005, Aputure grew quickly and became the supplier of choice for reputed photographic equipment distributors and retailers in Europe and North America. Known for the outstanding performance of our products at bargain price points, we export millions of units worldwide annually.

Product Line

Aputure specializes in manufacturing high-tech photographic accessories for creative photographers. Our current product range is sorted into three series:  

  • Vivo Movie Solution includes tools to assist your video making, such as V2 set, V-Control, ‘Amaran’ family LED lights, etc. 
  • Strobe Lighting System includes tools to assist your flash photography, such as Magnum Speedlite, ‘Trigmaster’ family triggers, External battery pack, TTL cable, etc.
  • Creative Camera Accessories includes tools to assist your general photography, such as Gigtube Wireless II, Battery Grip, Digital Timer Remote, etc.


Aputure is always dedicated to providing the best photographic solutions for photographers around the world.

R & D Talent 

The Aputure R&D division concentrates on innovation when developing new products. This is essential to implement the latest technological advances, as well as customized clients requirements. Meanwhile, Aputure frequently works with professional photographers, listening to their needs, turning their wishes into reality. This is why you can find us at the forefront of the photography industry.


Our factory occupies about 2000 square meters, filled with hundreds of well trained employees, producing thousands of products every day. With that production capability, we can offer clients products of large orders in a short time according to their requirements.

Quality Guaranty 

Quality control is the weapon that makes us outstanding in business. We have completely production material control (PMC), and quality control (QC) flows. Aputure has many experienced engineers who ensure product reliability and devise new techniques to meet special customer requirements. Based on strictly QC, we have the confidence to provide our clients with top quality products.